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Ground Yak /lb

Price: $10.00

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Shipping & Handling

Prices do not include shipping/handling. Jerky can be shipped via Priority mail. Everything else must ship in a cold carton with dry ice or frozen gel packs. Shipping cartons used:
Small-hold approx. 8 pounds of product, $20.00
Medium carton holds approx. 16 pounds of product $25.00
Large carton holds approx. 35 pounds of product. $45.00
Pricing includes dry ice or gel packs.
We use Fedex for shipping and will give you a quote upon request.

Product Specs

  • Turkey Hill yaks are 100 percent grass-fed on pasture for their entire lives using sustainable ranching practices. Our yaks never see a feed lot and we never use growth hormones or antibiotics. They are Family raised and humanely treated! Yak meat steaks are low in fat 2 -3 percent. Our ground yak meat is a low 7 - 10 percent fat. Both have that unique, delicious yak flavor that you will love to taste.
  • Our meat and jerky are USDA certified.

Product Description